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When you buy a used boat without an inspection

Whether you are buying a seagoing vessel from your neighbor next door or from someone halfway across the world, you need to take every step possible to ensure you are getting a safe, operational and seaworthy boat that will provide you and your family years of enjoyment.

Some things to be aware of...

  • Get an inspection, every time

    It may be tempting to not want an inspection for smaller inexpensive boats but do it anyway. A sea trial is especially important. That means going to sea, not just running up and down the pier or the harbor. You need to know the engine will attain posted speeds, run well, not skip and not smoke – things you cannot evaluate at slow speeds in the harbor or marina. The AdamSea surveyor will conduct an exhaustive inspection, regardless of the size of the vessel.

  • Not just “condition and value”

    That is slightly less detailed inspection normally requested by insurance companies. While knowing that is important to know that you are paying a fair price, it does not cover all the things you will want to know about eight or ten miles offshore.

  • Qualified and experienced surveyors

    AdamSea surveyors undergo an application and approval process to ensure that our surveyors are consummate professionals. The process requires him or her to demonstrate their experience and previous success in the industry, as well as their ability to meet the predetermined time table from survey request to survey report completion. We do that so you do not have to. There are several surveyors without the prerequisite experience or knowledge to properly conduct an inspection, determine a fair market value and communicate properly with you and the seller.

  • Owed taxes or maritime liens

    Beyond the title, every vessel should be checked against the national registration to see if there are any taxes or hidden liens against the boat. The title may appear to be clear but the state, province or country may show a tax lien against the vessel. Also, there may be maritime liens against it from vendors that were not paid for repairs, fuel or other incidents.

  • A clean and clear title

    Another thing to watch out for is the status of the title. Each title should have a copy of the builder’s certificate, which is the “birth certificate” of the vessel. Throughout the title, it will list all sales, liens, mortgages, any name changes, any port changes and anything else that occurred over the life cycle of the boat. The most important things to establish is that all money owed by someone else against the boat has been cleared. If you cannot read it properly, AdamSea will.

The information here is not legal advice, simply for your consideration as you consider purchasing a vessel through AdamSea and the protections enjoyed by transactions on this site. Yacht Survey is vital prior to buying a yacht internationally. Ensure that you are getting a safe and seaworthy boat regardless of whether you are buying the vessel from someone next door or from somebody anywhere across the world. Importance of Yacht Survey/ boat survey: Inspection for smaller low-priced boats is equally important. An experienced AdamSea surveyor will conduct an in-depth inspection, irrespective of the size of the vessel. Check if there are unpaid maritime liens against the vessel from vendors for repairs, fuel or other incidents.

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