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The thought of being the first one to hit the high seas or to creep out on still water in search of a big fish in a brand new vessel is thrilling. There are several things to think about when making such a significant purchase. Picking the right boat for you is a serious matter. You need to think about costs, how and where you are going to use it, where you are going to store it, and much more.


While owning a boat may be your dream, how much it costs is a reality check.  Buying your dream boat can be an expensive endeavor. It isn’t just the cost of the boat, but also the cost of maintenance, slip fees, a trailer, hull cleaning and a bottom job every 2-3 years. There is also the cost of fuel. All of those factors need to be considered when you are figuring out how much your budget can handle.


Once you know what you can spend, what are you going to use

a boat for? This will help you pick what kind of boat you want. There are several types, from fishing boats to sail boats, water ski and wakeboard boats to pontoons. If you want an engine and are going out into the ocean, yachts of various sizes are available. 


Where are you going to use the boat? This is important.  For instance, if you are going to be using it on a lake or river for fishing, you are looking for a low-profile fishing boat, 10 to 20 feet in length, so you can fish off of every side.  But that kind of fishing boat is ill-suited for fishing in the ocean. Cruisers are more appropriate in the sea with their higher profile, extended hull and significantly more motor power.

Passengers and Riders

Are you going to take people out with you in the boat, yacht or vessel? How many? A general rule of thumb is that boats under 28 feet have limits to the number of riders but those over 28 feet do not. If your activity and vessel is regulated by the Coast Guard, pay attention to their passenger rules to stay safe and in compliance.  

Boat Length

Beyond passenger considerations, boat length also influences towing capacity if you are going to haul the boat to and from home and the water. While most boats under 30’ can be towed, anything over that requires a specific set up. Yachts should be kept in the water and are rarely towed. Pay attention to weight as well, to ensure your vehicle is large enough for the job.

The conditions of where you are going to use it also should be considered when choosing a boat length. Larger lakes have more wind-caused waves, or fetch, than smaller lakes. That makes a shorter flat-bottomed fishing boat or skiff that works well in calmer water dangerous for use.


A canoe moves under human power, and the sailboat is powered by the wind. Everything in between requires an engine of some sort. Outboard engines are mounted to the back, or transom, of the boat and push the boat through the water. They are commonly found on smaller boats in watersports and fishing. Larger boats, like cruisers, have inboard engines in the center or rear of the boat that power the shaft and propeller mounted at the rear. Engines come in varying horsepower and speed potential, depending on the make and model.

Buying a new boat is fun and exciting but also a serious endeavor. By putting in a little effort and thought, you can buy the boat of your dreams on AdamSea today!

There are several things to consider prior to Buying a New Boat such as costs, where & how you plan to use it, where you want to store it etc.

Buying a boat is an expensive endeavour. Added costs include fuel, maintenance, a trailer, slip fees and hull cleaning among others. Select the New Yacht depending on its use and accordingly opt for a sail boat, fishing boat, water ski, wakeboard boats or pontoons. Pay attention to passenger rules for safety. Consider aspects such as Boat Length, number of Passengers and Riders and the Propulsion. Invest a little thought & effort and Buy Boat Online on AdamSea today!

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