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You’ve posted your vessel in the boat show and are now you're anxiously awaiting offers. Selling a boat on AdamSea is easy. Follow these tips to make the experience as smooth as possible for both you and your buyer.

  • 1 Be detailed in your posting.

    The more information you have in your posting, the more appealing your boat will be to serious buyers. This keeps you from wasting time with lowballers and deal seekers who only want to get a boat as cheap as they can. Instead, you can negotiate with someone who has real interest in your vessel and will appreciate it.

  • 2 Keep the desperation out of your ad.

    Sometimes you need to sell your boat and sell it now. If you say so in your ad, you are going to get the aforementioned lowballers.

  • 3 Know the market value of your vessel and make sure your asking price is reasonable.

    You know how much you would like to sell it for, and probably have a range in mind that you are willing to negotiate in. Knowing both will keep you from making a deal you will regret later.

  • 4 Respond in a timely manner.

    If a buyer initiates an offer, respond as soon as you can. Keep his or her interest in your boat. If you wait, you may find that they used that time to find another vessel to purchase.

  • 5 Cooperate with the surveyor.

    If you reach a deal with a buyer, the next step is to have the boat inspected. The buyer will arrange, through AdamSea’s one-of-a-kind sales engine, for an authorized AdamSea surveyor to inspect the boat and pay the associated cost, but it is up to you to coordinate with the surveyor when they contact you for access to the vessel for its inspection.  Be nice and cooperative.

  • 6 Work with the shipper.

    If the yacht or boat needs to be shipped to another part of the country or even part of the world, a shipper will be contacting you with preparation instructions and requesting information for pick up. Part of your responsibility as the seller is to liaise with the shipper for a timely departure.

  • 7 Add the best

    make sure to clean your boat and  make it shiny. take the best pictures out of it and post it in AdamSea with your Ad 

Get online yacht sales and Sell boats worldwide. Follow these Selling Tips to make the experience an enriching one for you and your buyer using AdamSea's Boat Sales Engine.

Be detailed in your posting and negotiate with people who are actually interested in your vessel. Ascertain the market value of the vessel and accordingly fix your asking price. Respond to queries in a timely manner. Cooperate with the surveyor when they get in touch for the vessel`s inspection. Coordinate with the shipper for the vessel`s timely departure and add the best features for optimum results.

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