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Buying a yacht is a costly endeavor. Understanding what makes a quality yacht, who manufactured it and the accompanying standards is important.  Yachts have been manufactured in Europe for hundreds of years, setting the bar high for vessels made to travel the clear salt waters of the Mediterrean Sea. In the US, yachts are built to stringent safety standards, capable of salt or freshwater travel, and compete in quality with those made in Europe. Asian manufactured yachts are part of up-and-coming market, giving yacht enthusiasts a chance at a lower price while helping develop and guide their quality efforts.

Each country has a set of guidelines for their vessels, boats and yachts.  Manufacturers build boats to meet the specifications of the destination, such as a US manufacturer building a boat to Spain’s specifications if the buyer is going to live and sail there.  When buying a used yacht, knowing to which specifications and by whom it was manufactured will help you buy a yacht built to use in your area by a skilled manufacturer.


Made in the USA.

Any boat, from a small fishing to boat to a 98 foot luxury yacht, is built to the American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC) standards.  The ABYC standards cover the majority of the standards used in most other countries, and is continually being updated to enhance the safety of the vessel as well as address the market requirements. Many other countries have incorporated the language of the ABYC standards into their regulations or laws. If the yacht is “made in the USA”,  you can have a great deal of confidence in the quality of its manufacture.


Made in Europe.

The major difference between a boat manufactured in the US and one built in Europe is that the European Union requires inspection and certifications for their vessels. Once passed, the boat is given a “CE mark”. The standards to get a CE mark are very similar to the ABYC standards. So if you are looking at a yacht with a current CE mark, you know the vessel is seaworthy, safe and built to satisfy tough requirements.


Made Down Under.

Australia and New Zealand also have yacht manufacturers. They also rely heavily on the standards published by ABYC. The major difference here is in the electrical systems. They have published their own standards in regards to installation in the Australia/New Zealand standard AS/NZS 3004.2:2008.


Made in China

Cost one third of those made in the USA or Europe because of cheaper labor costs. The Chinese manufacturers have begun consulting with more established experts on improving the quality of their build, especially in choice of materials. While 2011-2013 models may have used synthetic materials that compared poorly to the interiors of European brands, in recent years Chinese manufacturers have adopted the look and feel of rich lumbers and leather.   At this time, Chinese manufactured yachts are considered the low end of the yacht scale, but are an up and coming market. Astute buyers would monitor their progress and perhaps cash in on a high quality vessel at a lower price if he or she acts at the right time.

Manufacturers from all over the world are committed to building high quality products that appeal to yacht buyers with a focus on safety and splendor.  They use a variety of materials and design options to appeal to a broad range of interested parties. Just a yacht is more attractive than another does not mean itis safer or will function well in your intended sailing area.  Once you are confident in the manufacture quality of the vessel, do your homework to make sure it is the best fit for your use.

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