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No matter how you are going to buy a boat, there are some things every buyer needs to know. AdamSea makes the process easier through our innovative and user friendly sales engine but there are some things that you are going to have to know and address.

What Type of Boat

This is covered thoroughly in First Time Buyer and Buying Tips but bears repeating. Be sure to know what type of boat you want based on what you are going to use it for and where you are going to use it. Small cruisers are great for lakes, not so great for crossing the Atlantic. A fishing boat will not have the style and power for waterskiing. Once you know what type of boat, each category has different models that vary in size, engine and amenities. Pay attention to the details.


AdamSea requires that the seller enter detailed information about the boat or vessel in the listing so you should be able to make comprehensive comparisons from vessel to vessel.  Use pricing sources like BUC, NADA and ABOS to know the market value of the boat(s) you are considering so you know if the seller is asking a reasonable price and you make a fair offer.


There is more to the price of a boat than just the purchase price with surveying and shipping. Once you know the type of boat you want and have some idea of the model and size, talk to your insurance company and get a quote for coverage.  Are you going to place it in a marina? Figure in docking fees, travel time and distance from home to the marina.  Investigate typical maintenance and repair fees for the model you are looking at and be sure to include engine or boiler replacement and exterior painting and cleaning – two major costs likely to occur every 5 to 7 years.  Make sure those costs are within your budget!

Find Your Dream Vessel

Search AdamSea for your preferred type, model and price range. You can do this through the search engine or browsing the Auction Room and Boat Shows.  AdamSea is the only online marketplace to feature boats all over the world, with the authorized and experienced surveyors and shippers to ensure you buy a quality boat and can receive it safely.  You can shop safe here.  When you locate the boat that best meets all of your criteria, and that you just fall in love with, make an offer to the seller.


While some listings may be firm price, most will allow you the option of negotiating with the seller. Sellers on AdamSea are current owners, corporate sellers and manufacturers. AdamSea makes negotiation easy with a simple offer/accept, reject or amend procedure that is completely transparent to you and the seller. For any questions, you can contact an AdamSea agent. Negotiate fairly and promptly with the seller until you arrive at a purchase price.


This is the best part of purchasing through AdamSea. Once a price has been accepted, the sales engine assists you in selecting a surveyor and shipper. The survey is mandatory. The surveyor will let AdamSea know of any defects with the vessel, cancelling the transaction so you do not buy a bad boat.  If the vessel is fine seaworthy condition, the transaction is approved and you will request quotes from authorized shippers to receive delivery of your new purchase.

Title and Registration

Once you have the vessel and accompanying paperwork, you must title and register your boat with your state, province or country.  If it trailerable, then the trailer on which you haul it must also be licensed. Each state or province has different titling requirements, but you are certain to need the signed over, clear title – meaning there are no liens against the vessel – and a receipt of purchase.

Once you have all that done, you are the proud and legal owner of your new boat, vessel or yacht. Go out and enjoy the water!

AdamSea makes the process of Buying and Selling Yachts simpler with the innovative and user friendly sales engine. Refer to Buying a Boat Guide and Selling Boats Guide for insight into Online Yacht Sales. Search AdamSea for the ideal vessel within your price range and entail adequate Research prior to buying a yacht. Negotiate with the seller till you arrive at a purchase price. The sales engine then assists you to select a surveyor and shipper. When the transaction is approved request quotes from certified shippers for delivery of your vessel.

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