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A surveyor will inspect every aspect of the vessel, starboard to port, bow to stern, and from the bottom to the top of the highest mast. Ensuring you are purchasing a seaworthy vessel that operates safely and with no issues is of paramount importance to you and to AdamSea. That is why an inspection is a mandatory part of buying and selling through AdamSea.

Inspection points include but are not limited to the list below. Different vessels require some separate checkpoints.


  • Cracks, damage, 'sponginess'
  • Anchors, rode, rollers, fittings
  • Lifelines and railings
  • Condition of canvas, bimini, dodger, hardware
  • Hatches and ports condition, sign of leaking


  • Boat for a "list" (in-water test)
  • Hull for evidence of damage or repairs
  • Fibreglass moisture levels (requires special tool)
  • Fibreglass bottom for large "blisters"
  • Propeller shaft for wobble or rattle (cutless bearing)
  • Propeller
  • Operation of included accessories (compass, electronics)
  • Navigation lights for safety requirements
  • Other included gear, like fenders and lines


  • Request maintenance log (oil change frequency)
  • Bilge blower, vents
  • Fuel tank condition
  • External condition of engine (corrosion, leaks)
  • Condition of steering system
  • Exhaust system for leaks


  • Running rigging
  • Mast, step, shrouds, stays, terminal fittings
  • Operation of winches
  • Number, weight, condition of sails


  • Operation of engine seacock
  • Odors, stains, general cleanliness
  • Bilge for oil, excess water
  • Other seacocks, valves, emergency plugs
  • Ventilation vents, plugs
  • Under deck hardware for signs of leaks
  • Inboard engine stuffing box for leaks
  • Plumbing and water tanks (leaks)
  • Bilge pumps (electric, manual)
  • Condition of upholstery, furniture
  • Seals on opening ports and hatches
  • Electrical panel, battery terminals, wiring (neat, labels)
  • Mandatory equipment (holding tank)
  • Shorepower plug, cords
  • Heater, air conditioner
  • Stove/heater, tanks, fittings, shutoffs, detectors
  • Sanitation, if so equipped
  • Other appliances

Safety equipment required for 30-ft. boat with fuel-stove...

  • Compass
  • Navigation lights
  • Boarding device (ladder)
  • Anchor, 30m of rode
  • Lifebuoy, 15m floating line
  • Horn
  • Bilge pump
  • Radar reflector
  • Flares 12
  • Waterproof flashlight
  • Fire extinguishers 10BC (2)
  • Lifejackets, PFDs

Yacht Inspection / compulsory Boat survey is a criterion while buying and selling yachts or boats on AdamSea. Quality Assurance as well as Inspection of each listed yacht is our foremost priority.

Marine Surveyors/ Boat Surveyors inspect each aspect of the vessel. Inspection Points include the starboard, port, bow to stern, and from the base to the tip of the highest mast. AdamSea ensures that you acquire a seaworthy vessel that operates securely devoid of any issues in future.

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