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    Start renting out all your yachts without creating a website. manage all your yachts for charter from user dashboard 

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    Start listing all your marine services without creating a website. manage your inquiry from user dashboard 

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    Start listing all your Marina & Storage internationally without creating a website. manage all of them from one user dashboard 

AdamSea is the “one stop” marine marketplace you’ve been looking for! Our online market is a customer centric portal that is committed to providing an enhanced experience to our customers and partners. Buyers and sellers from all over the world connect here, giving members a wide variety of boating and marine options from which to choose.

Sellers can add their listings, new or used, and put them up for auction or highlight their offerings in a Boat Show. AdamSea agents will assist you in selling your boat, answering questions and helping potential buyers through the sales engine process.  New manufacture and corporate sellers have access not just to continental customers but can market and showcase their vessels to interested parties halfway across the world.

Buyers can take advantage of global good deals, comparing like models and vessels from China, England and Africa all in one place. Different parts of the world have different climate effects on boats, as well as variances in exchange currency that can make a boat a higher quality purchase for a lower price.

AdamSea does the work for you by accepting applications and carefully evaluating shippers and surveyors to partner with for inspections and shipping. Approved authorized AdamSea surveyors and shippers provide prompt service at reasonable and fair prices, taking guesswork and heartburn out of the equation.  We also provide agents in every country to help buyers and sellers connect and meet that country’s particular requirements and expectations for boating transactions.

AdamSea also offers rental, maintenance and marine and storage services as well as yacht services in select areas of the world. You can truly find anything you need for your marine enjoyment in one place.

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