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The AdamSea process is transparent to both the buyer and the seller. It is also monitored by an AdamSea agent every step of the way. This ensures continuity of the transaction as well as protection against fraud and other possible problems.


The first step in selling a boat is to register as a seller and input the information about the vessel that is required. Once all the information is submitted for the posting, or ad, an AdamSea agent must approve the ad before it goes live on the website. This is to make sure only professional, properly and appropriately worded postings are made available to potential buyers.

Sales Engine

Once the ad is posted on AdamSea, buyers can make an offer and initiate the sales engine process. This begins when the seller confirms the availability of the boat and the Negotiation step begins. An AdamSea agent monitors the offers exchanged until a price is agreed upon. If the purchase price is Fixed, then an AdamSea agent becomes involved once the price is accepted.

Used boats require a Report of Survey, an inspection conducted by an authorized AdamSea surveyor. Once the inspection is complete and the report filed, an AdamSea agent will review the report against strict acceptance criteria. If the vessel is found safe, seaworthy and meets the criteria, the agent will approve the Report of Survey, allowing the transaction to proceed.


Buyers and sellers can have peace of mind regarding monetary transactions spanning the globe. AdamSea has their own Escrow account where the Buyer deposits the purchase price, to be held until the vessel is received and the conditions of purchase are met. Then the AdamSea agent will release the monies to the Seller from the Escrow account, ensuring no money exchanges hands until both parties are satisfied with the transaction.

Payment options include paying by credit card, transferring bank to bank and using PayPal. In every instance, the full payment amount must be placed in Escrow to await release by an AdamSea agent.  


Beyond the active monitoring and approval conducted by AdamSea, agents are also available to assist buyers, On the Sales Engine, there are “Contact an Agent” boxes that you can use to connect you to an AdamSea agent to answer all of your questions.

Located in Every Country

AdamSea realizes every country has their own rules and regulations when it comes to marine sales transactions. AdamSea has an agent in every country, well-versed and trained in that country’s rules, regulations, laws and preferences, in order to best assist our members and sellers. All questions will be answered in a timely manner, allowing buyers and sellers to continue the transaction without delay.

AdamSea, as your one-stop marine shop, is here to help in any capacity necessary for your boat selling and buying success. 

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