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SELL YOUR YACHT - broker and yacht owner

Now that you are registered and have an account, selling a boat on AdamSea is about as easy as it gets. Once logged in, click on your name (the first box in the ribbon at the top of the screen) to access your Dashboard. The Dashboard allows you to manage your account settings, post vessels for sale and track potential sales.  You can track a sale from through every step of the process, from My Boat to Shipment, giving you complete visibility as it progresses.

AdamSea Sales Engine easy to use..

My Boat

My boat is when the Seller receives an inquiry from a buyer interested in the boat. the seller accesses their account and confirms the boat is still for sale. If the boat is no longer for sale or has been sold, the seller selects “Not Available” and the buyer is notified by an email.

What a seller can do in 'My Boat' section.

  • Contact buyers directly and build relationships
  • Agree on the sale process which fits both seller and buyer

If the boat is still available and the buyer wants to purchase, he or she can continue to the second step.


The seller can set the price as 'Fixed' or 'Negotiation', if the price was "Negotiation" then seller and buyer can start offering their prices via the sales engine.

  what a seller can do in the 'Negotiation' section.

  • Seller can negotiate with different buyers simultaneously
  • Seller can discuss price directly with the buyer and confirm it in the sales engine
  • Seller can sign the letter of intend directly with the buyer


Inspection is optional for a transaction to be approved. The buyer initiates a survey request and arranges for the payment before the survey is started. Survey requests are sent to a surveyor nearest to the boat location.

Make sure the boat location is accurate on the map when posting online.

Certify My Boat

An AdamSea certified surveyor will contact the seller to arrange a time for inspection of the boat on behalf of the buyer. They will conduct a comprehensive inspection of the engine, interior and exterior and sea trial.


Once the surveyor has completed their inspection, he or she will fill out the standard AdamSea report and upload it directly to the buyers account. 


Buyer and Seller will sign an auto purchase agreement which is generated by the system   

 What a seller can do in the 'Agreement' section.

  • Seller can sign the agreement and upload to the system


This section will show the full cost of the boat, including:

  • Tax (only for Canadian buyer)
  • Excludes shipping cost, to be determined later in the process.

Buyer chooses a payment option:

  • Full payment by bank transfer
  • Full payment by ESCROW (Canada Trust Account ).
  • Full payment via PayPal.


The AdamSea sales engine sends email notification to all affiliated shipment companies, requesting a quote to be sent directly to the buyer’s email address. The registered shipping company access thier account to start submitting quotes through their AdamSea account to the buyer, who in turn can view quotes in their account. The buyer chooses a price and company. Payment is made between the shipper and the buyer, not AdamSea or the seller. 

AdamSea transfers the funds to the seller, upon acceptance by the buyer or when the shipper confirms 'Receipt of shipment'  

Visit our website to know more about our Sale Process for Online Yacht Brokers and Single Sellers. Simply register and open an account on AdamSea. Then click on your name to access your Dashboard. The Dashboard assists you to manage your account settings, track possible sales and post vessels for sale. Complete transparency is ensured throughout the sales process as you can track a sale from 'My Boat' all the way to 'Shipment'.

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