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Being a partner with AdamSea as a shipper, surveyor or seller has many benefits. Your vessel, boats, products and marine services will be advertised around the world, seen by hundreds of thousands of potential buyers with a love for the sea.

Benefits of every partner with Adamsea

  • Continuous sales possibilities throughout the year
  • Inquiries about selling yachts and boats all over the world
  • Access to new worldwide markets
  • Secure platform between buyer and seller
  • No fee for our services; we are partners!
  • Agents in every country to answer your questions, handle the sale and finalise the deal
  • Increase your credibility and reputation as an AdamSea partner
  • Gain an extra quality check and stamp of approval within the industry
  • The process is the same all over the world
  • AdamSea does everything for you!
  • AdamSea Worldwide Escrow Account 

Each specific industry also enjoys the opportunities that come with the following features


  • Year round work
  • Leads to ship yachts and boats all over the world
  • Access to new markets
  • Advertising your services on our website
  • Potential of 100's of transactions per year
  • Exclusive access to our buyers and sellers


  • Potential of hundreds of surveys per year
  • Assured payment for services
  • No haggling with buyers or sellers
  • Improved network of work sources and other opportunities
  • Working with buyers and sellers that know the sea and what they need
  • Year round inspection opportunities as buyers from all over the world use AdamSea
  • Business expansion possibilities
  • Global name recognition as buyers and sellers communicate among themselves at boating events


  • Potential of 100's of sales per year
  • Assured payment
  • Excellent customer service
  • Informed customers
  • Business expansion possibilities
  • Global name recognition
  • Understand their products
  • Extensive training of the AdamSea search engine and system
  • Sales forecast reports
  • Dedicated sales and development team in each country

The market for AdamSea, accessible through its extensive search engine, reaches the far corners of the globe. New boats, yachts and vessels for sale in Canada will be seen by buyers in Africa, Asia, South America and more. Let AdamSea help your business grow!

Enjoy the benefits of being a partner with AdamSea as a shipper, Yacht Surveyors or Yacht Seller. Get more business and incessant sales possibilities when you Advertise Yachts Online. Benefit from worldwide promotion of your vessel, boats, products and Marine services.

Get enquiries about Yacht Sales Online and gain access to new markets globally. We have agents in every country to respond to your queries, handle the sale and seal the deal. We are partners so our services are free of cost. Increase your integrity and status as an AdamSea partner.

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