A Guide to Understanding and Selecting Skilled Marine Surveyors


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A Guide to Understanding and Selecting Skilled Marine Surveyors
Published By : National Record
DATE : 02, July, 2016

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Marine surveyors have a lot of experience and an extensive range of specialties. It is important to select the right person for the yacht in need of a survey.

There are surveying organizations dedicated to screening, policing, accrediting and educating their members.

The two renowned organizations in the US are NAMS (National Association of Marine Surveyors) and SAMS (Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors). SAMS offers its members a "Surveyor Associate" or (SA) level for 3-5 years of their membership. There is an option to upgrade to "Accredited Marine Surveyor" (AMS) when an SA fulfils the surveying requirements. The most familiar AMS designation is "Yachts & Small Craft". Members with the "Engines" designation are a key group within the recreational market. NAMS has a set of three levels from Apprentice to an Associate followed by Certified Marine Surveyor (CMS) with "Yachts & Small Craft".

There is a six-week yacht as well as small craft survey program at the Chapman school in Florida closely associated with SAMS. ABYC offers short certification classes in areas of small craft technology for surveyors.

The majority of surveyors work independently and return to their offices to write reports without any assistance. Emails to colleagues along with surveyors' forums such as the SAMS "Boatpokers" group are a huge aid though. Surveying is essentially an individual enterprise rather than a team effort.

Surveyors hail from dissimilar backgrounds in the marine world. Some have a lot of experience working on other systems or engines. Others have added experience with composites along with structural issues. A particular surveyor may be at ease with powerboats while another might be familiar with sailboats. Surveyors are usually knowledgeable about the different types of boats.

As a consumer it is a good idea to check the website of the surveyor and get to know more about their background and areas of expertise.

Determine whether they have surveyed the model boat you're thinking of or similar boats in the recent past. Enquire about what they would search for in the yacht you need surveyed. Ask for a sample report to get an idea about their approach.

In case a particular surveyor turns down the survey seek recommendations for suitable surveyors in the area. The key to success lies in finding a suitable match between the surveyor and the particular vessel to be surveyed.




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