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AdamSea for Manufacturers
Published By : National Record
DATE : 11, March, 2018

AdamSea for Manufacturers

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AdamSea is a leading marine online marketplace in the boat and yacht industry. With headquarters located in Canada and an online presence worldwide, buyers and sellers are attracted by our online market and comprehensive search engine as well as the security of all transactions among every platform associated with AdamSea. Our internal platform integrates all services in one hub to make sure members will find all their needs in one arena. We are primarily dedicated to support our partner’s yearly growth by extending their customer reach around the world. Manufacturers who market through AdamSea will reap the benefits of our worldwide network of buyers and sellers.


By choosing to sell with AdamSea, your new boats, yachts and vessels for sale will be seen by buyers in Africa, Asia, South America and more. We help you attract customers from around the world to provide the widest selection of boats and yachts from manufacturers, creating the largest single online marine marketplace. We also provide the most comprehensive payment methods to make the transaction process convenient and secure between the various elements of AdamSea


To begin spreading your product all over the world, Registering with AdamSea requires a few steps. You will head to, click Register, select Boat Builder, and fill out the information AdamSea requires of you. You will then receive an agreement ID which will allow you to generate your user name and password.


Once complete you can begin to:


  • List any boats, yachts and vessels available for sale
  • Create your own page to promote your business
  • Enter your company logo, brand, image and other pertinent information to increase visibility
  • Make use of AdamSea’s international search engine to discover new customers

Not only will you benefit from the global market associated with AdamSea, but you will experience opportunities for year round sales.


Visit AdamSea to register as a boat builder.

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