Become a Surveyor with AdamSea


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Become a Surveyor with AdamSea
Published By : National Record
DATE : 10, January, 2018

Become a Surveyor with AdamSea

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AdamSea recommends that each used boat purchased is surveyed before completing the purchase. Because of this, surveyors who register with AdamSea benefit from exclusive opportunities to survey a large variety of boats and yachts before they are shipped to destinations all over the world.


Your responsibilities as a surveyor begin after the buyer and seller have agreed on a price for the vessel. The buyer will then select Payment and be advised to have the vessel surveyed. The buyer is responsible for the cost of the survey. That cost will be transferred into a holding account which guarantees payments when the survey and inspection is done, and all reports, video and pictures are uploaded.


Once the buyer has requested for their boat to be surveyed, the closest surveyor will be sent a message from AdamSea to request their certification for the boat. If you are the closest surveyor, you will receive the boat description and the boat’s location. Once you acknowledge receipt of the request, you have 3 days to complete the certification process and complete and upload the finished report.


If you are interested in becoming an AdamSea survey partner, start by visiting Then go to Register and select “Boat Surveyor.” You can then fill out the required information online. Once you click register you will then receive an agreement ID which will allow you to generate your user name and password.


When you are in the system as a surveyor, your company will begin to receive survey and inspection tasks via email notification. This notification will contain a link which brings you right to your Boat Surveyor account dashboard. Your account will contain:


  • Accurate yacht location
  • Customized AdamSea standard survey report (download from dashboard)
  • Payment notification
  • Yacht specifications


You must use the AdamSea standard report of certification/survey to survey the vessel.


A surveyor for AdamSea receives numerous benefits and privileges not only for yourself but for your company. You have the ability to work year round as AdamSea customers come from all around the world. You are given surveying tasks within your province, so your jobs will not be too far from home. You have the potential to perform hundreds of surveys with access to all new clients and marinas. Through AdamSea, your payment is guaranteed upon completion.


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