Find the right type of yacht for your next adventure!


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Find the right type of yacht for your next adventure!
Published By : National Record
DATE : 11, July, 2017

Among several yacht charters, there is one for you! There are many types of yachts you can choose from such as Fishing charters, diving charters or maybe a romantic honeymoon yacht charter and can help you select the right type of yacht charter for your next trip. Following are a few charter types designed for specific needs.


Crew Yacht Charters

Crew yacht charter is the kind of charterthat teaches you how to run a yacht with the help of crews that handle everything from operating the boat to managing the boat while you relax, or explore the sites.



Bareboat Yacht Charters

A bareboat charter is for the do-it-yourself skipper and crew who are looking for the independence and privacy that comes with taking charge of a charter yacht. Generally bareboat charters are less pricey than charters with a paid crew. 


Motor Yacht Charters

If you are one of those adventure seekers who love the thrill of speed, then this boat is for you! Undoubtedly, the enthusiasm of high speed on water is an extraordinary experience and allows you to cross the distance between ports or docks in the shortest time, allowing maximum time to explore each destination or simply relax or entertain on board. 



Sailing Yacht Charters

Sailboats for bareboat charter flotillas have long been built by big companies, they have been standardized to the point that after chartering one, you’ll find that you’re familiar with the sailing, mechanical and electrical systems on any of them.


Adventure Yacht Charters

Adventure Yacht Charters can be mind-bending, packed for anything from snow-capped heights to isolated abandoned islands. But to get there you need a particular type of charter yacht, one that is equipped, constructed and staffed specifically for adventure.


Event Yacht Charters

Being part of an event on a yacht can be an amazing experience. Event yacht charters are also known as static yacht charters where a few guests may sleep overnight in the yacht’s staterooms, the immense part of chartering time is spent with large groups of mates in the yacht’s guest areas. 


Fishing Yacht Charters

Fishing Yacht Charters are the best yachts for rental to try out new areas, a new boat, or a new species of fish. The fishing boat may vary based on the type of fishing and species of fish you are looking for.


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