Taking Care of a Pet On Board


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Taking Care of a Pet On Board
Published By : National Record
DATE : 14, November, 2017

Taking Care of a Pet On Board

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If your vacation would not be complete without your four-legged companion, you want to take every measure to ensure their safety and happiness. Here are a few tips for taking a pet on your sea-bound vacation which are sure to keep you and your furry companion as happy as possible.



If your pet is too large to be lifted onto your yacht, consider using a boarding ramp. A ramp makes it safer for your pet to walk right on board. Ramps also help pets who like to swim as they can more easily climb back onto the boat from the water.



Be sure your pet has the proper identification. If you plan on docking at multiple beaches or ports whether they are familiar or unfamiliar, there is a chance your dog could run off and get lost. Even if your dog is microchipped, still try to have an identification tag with your name and phone number. This way whoever finds your pet will be able to immediately reach you. If you do not want a tag which hangs from your dog’s collar that can get caught on things or can scratch your boat, find a tag which clips to the collar or inserts in their life jacket.



Get your pet used to being out on the water before you decide to go on long trips. The sensation of being on the water may be too much for them right away, so be sure they are comfortable with small increments of boating time.


Life Jackets, Leashes, and Collars.

Even if your dog is a water breed, a life jacket is a good idea. Your pet may be a strong swimmer, but it can still get swept away by a strong current. Life jackets also come with convenient handles on the back so you can pick your dog out of the water when they are ready to get back in the boat. Leashes and collars or harnesses also provide extra protection for your dog on board the vessel or on the beach.


Doing Their Business.

Dogs may hesitate to do their business on board a boat. So you can either make stops every time your pooch has to go, or you can train you dog to use carpet scraps or pads so they can take care of business on board.


Healthy and Happy.

Do not forget that pets are just as susceptible to the sun as you are. Always carry along sun protection for your furry friend, and especially remember to apply sunscreen to their bellies as there is not much hair to protect them there. Remember to carry along pet first aid products in case of injury or sea sickness. Do your research on pet-safe medications and product to know what to pack in your first aid kit.



Hydrate your pet as much as you would hydrate yourself. Be sure you have enough fresh water to share with your pet, and bring along something for them to drink out of.


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