The AdamSea Buyer Experience


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The AdamSea Buyer Experience
Published By : National Record
DATE : 04, December, 2017

The AdamSea Buyer Experience

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The boat buying process can be a daunting task, especially if that process is done entirely online. Luckily, AdamSea is there to ease some of the stress associated with buying a boat online. With AdamSea, you will buy from safe, secure sellers. Along with security, AdamSea can offer you as a buyer a pleasant, one-stop, hassle free buying experience.


Buyers will begin their search for the perfect vessel by registering with an AdamSea account. Once logged in, AdamSea offers options for both basic and advanced searches for boats. Simply enter your criteria for either type of search and sift through the watercrafts that match your specifications.


Used Boat


My Boat.

Eventually you will find a boat or yacht you wish to purchase, and when that time comes you will begin your correspondence with the seller by clicking “Buy It Now.” Then you can talk to the seller and make sure the boat is still available and view boat details such as length, engine type, and other characteristics. If you still wish to buy the boat after viewing the details, you click “Confirm to Buy.” You will then move to Negotiation.



During the negotiation, you will negotiate directly with the seller without any type of intervention from AdamSea. The boat you are trying to buy will have a price listed as either “Negotiable” or “Fixed.” If fixed, you will proceed to Payment. If negotiable, you will enter your proposed price. Once the seller accepts the price, you will proceed to Payment.



Here you will see full cost of the boat including the cost of certification and tax, but excluding the shipping cost; this will be determined later. AdamSea also give you the freedom to choose the payment method for the certification. AdamSea advises that every boat undergo certification to ensure the boat you buy is functioning properly. Once paid, you move to Certify (Survey) My Boat.


Certify (Survey) My Boat. 

The closest surveyor will be sent a request to certify your boat. They receive the boat description and the boat location. Once the request for certification is received, the certifier has 3 days to complete the request and upload the Report.



In this section, you receive the certificate as a PDF file, pictures of the boat, and a video of the boat. You will then circle back to Payment.



You place funds in escrow with AdamSea as per one of their payment options based on the price of the boat. AdamSea then moves to the Shipment process once the payment is received.



You will complete a Shipment Request form. You will then receive a shipping quote from shipping companies via email. Choose the shipping vendor you want, and make a payment directly to the shipper and not via AdamSea or the seller.


New Boat

They buying process for a new boat is similar to that of a used boat, but you do not get to negotiate a price and the boat does not need outside certification.



AdamSea audits every one of your transactions every step of the way. This ensures safety for both you as the buyer and for the seller. AdamSea auditors will decline any transaction that does not meet AdamSea terms of service, does not have complete reporting, or is suspicious in nature—allowing you peace of mind during the entire process.


Now you are the proud owner of a water traveling vessel, providing hours of enjoyment for you and your family and friends. Travel safely!


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